March Mint

Sunset tells me that it is time to plant herbs, citrus and succulents.  Well, I’m already behind and still need to plant the peppers that I was supposed to put in last month.  So, this weekend I am catching up on that and will start to work on my succulent garden additions too.

My mint from last year is really starting to spread.


What to do with all this mint?

Mother Earth Living has some fantastic suggestions and I am particularly excited to try mixing chopped fresh mint leaves into chocolate chip cookie dough and baking for some minty-fresh cookies.  Might have to give that a go this evening!

What are your favorite things to do with mint?


Time to plant those strawberries!

February in SoCal  – Garden time!


I’m already behind in my grandiose garden plans for this year, but I WILL NOT miss out again on delicious, garden fresh strawberries.  It’s the perfect time to plant them (in the Inland Empire) while it’s still somewhat cool (low 70s).  I realize the rest of the planet seems to be under piles of snow – but I will enjoy my temperate climate knowing I put in my years in snow-laden locals.


Here’s a quick trick to planting and adding weed control in one go – lay out your bags of top soil, cut some holes in the top, flip the bag over and cut off the top, leaving the plastic bottom and sides of the bag to plant your strawberries in.  Form rows for your plants in the bagged soil and in they go.  Voila!  Weed guard is established under your plants, drainage holes are there for water, and a little spreading of the soil covers any hint of the plastic underneath.  Done in 15 min. tops.

I’m dreaming of jam and pies already.