Well the little guy is 7 months.  It’s definitely time to finish baby-proofing because he is ON THE MOVE.  He rolls, he flops, he crawls, he drags himself… anything to get from where I put him to where I don’t want him to be 🙂


I found a gate I love.  It’s mesh so he doesn’t whack his head on it.  It doesn’t require any holes or drilling, and it fits tight in our wide doorway.  Baby pushes on it and it doesn’t budge.  It doesn’t have a door but it’s easy to step over or take out.  We have a step in the doorway separating the living room from the rest of the house and he already goes up and down the step easily! But the living room is much easier to keep baby friendly, so we add the gate in when we want to corral him in that space.

We have outlets covered, and the TV mounted on the wall.  All cords are behind furniture.  Last on the list is the bookshelf he’s crawling around in.

I’m sure I’m missing something!  And we’ll find out when it comes crashing down.


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